Here is some pictures of  a 1934 ford roadster, with a J series Duesenburg engine in it, which dates
1929. For those that don't know what a duesy is, its a double over head cam, 4 valve per cylinder,
(oh but thats new technology right??) Straight eight engine. This car shown was built by two
brothers in the Chicago area, after they got out of ww2, Hal and Bill Hulrich. They started to build it
in 1946, and finished in 1947. They bought this engine in a wrecked 29 J series duesy, from a car lot
in 46. They purchased the 1934 roadster for ten dollars. They shortened the body in the deck lid
area, behind the seat by ten inches. they lengthened the frame by ten inches also to accommodate
the long straight eight engine. This car won the first nationally sanctioned drag race in 1947 which
was held by the SCCA (NHRA hates this point, as they were NOT the first to have the first nationally
sanctioned drag race, they were 6 months later). It was a half mile drag strip, in Indiana. This car was
partially built in Andy Granatelli's shop with some of his speed equipment, as well as some engine
work, in 1947. I will post up vintage 1940's photos soon, they are at the shop, and not accessible
right now. My father, grandfather and I, as well as some friends put this car back together EXACTLY
like the two brothers had built it in the forty's, in the early 1990's. We built this engine with 10.5 to
one forged pistons, cams ground by crane, sbc TI valves, carillo rods, etc. Engine is 458 CI, with
about 500 HP, and 525 FT LBS of Torque. These shots were taken last weekend in Carpenteria, CA
which Andy Granatelli was the grand marshal of the show. He was REALLY exited about seeing the
car he hasn't seen in 60 years! Dave Blake (owner) took him for a ride. We had him autograph
various parts of the car, which included the seat, cowl and valve cover. We also received The
ANDY's Choice award for this car also.